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[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)

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default [TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)

Post by shadowfax on Thu 17 Jan - 14:26

pwedeng gamitin ang software na ito for upgrading your phone firmware.
pwede ring pang revive ng software problem, ex. auto shut-off, hang or dead phone.
pwede rin pang reset ng secutity code.
changing product code.
life timer reset.

1. Install Nokia PC Suite,JAF Set-Up and your Firmware (kung yun ay .exe)
kung na-download nyo naman yung Firmware gamit ang NAVIFIRM .. dito nyo ilagay yung mga files.
c:\Program files\Nokia\Phoenix\products

2. Extract JAF Emulator sa desktop and open it. select Random PKEY Raskal and tick Run.

[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  8210399d935006e5c05d216ac6e7503ce2c0455

Select BB5 tab.

[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  82104028b5ddee1ac7ed22753d93a45a9cbd1cf

put check on manual flash, dead usb, factory set, normal mode and uncheck CRT 308.

[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  8210405cf38afe25d2a4f7cddff46ad64d05904

tick MCU and go to c:\Program files\Nokia\Phoenix\products\rm-495
i choose RM-495 kasi 5130c yung i-flash ko ngayon. kunyari 6120c yung
i-flash nyo. RM-243 naman.

[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  82104084f69db4c9afa4cba7d76f597f16a1e73

pag walang lumabas na mga files. type nyo 'to dun sa file name *.* and press enter.

[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  8210411e42f74df071292f049f2d6faf81a936c

nakalabas na lahat nung files nyan.
MCU - piliin nyo yung may .mcu
PPM - yung may .ppm
CNT - yung may .image

[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  8210414f3dc189e668ddad85d55c907a377045b

pag nalagyan na ng files yung MCU,PPM,CNT. ready for flashing na!

Turn OFF your phone.
Remove your battery.
ikabit ang usb sa phone (syempre dapat nakakabit din sa PC)

tick FLASH sa JAF.

tapos ikabit ang battery sa phone. and press power on.
wait nyong mag start yong flashing. pag di nag start ulit lang.
tapos wait nalang mag done.

[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  821041751c2e010b2c0f514bd0c4aeca282f3a6


[TUT] Dead Phone Flashing via JAF. (NOKIA phones only)  8210420e582d242f32036bc98680f78744b8a13

Nokia Pc Suite
JAF Set-Up
JAF Emulator

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