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General Rules

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default General Rules

Post by sentinel on Fri 11 Mar - 10:28

1. Spamming/Double posting and multiple account is not allowed. Post things that are useful to others and not spam.

2. Use thanks button if the posts seems very useful to you. No need to reply with the phrases 'thank you', 'nice', 'great job', 'ok', or any related things to these phrases, and any unnecessary replies. It's considered as spam. Just press the button which is at the bottom right of every post.

3. If the links are dead, you can report it by clicking report icon

4. Use the help/request sections if you need help.

5. If you are planning to post links, Do not put it inside code or quote.

6. Search before posting. use the button. Posting and making new threads are limited to 10 per 12 hour. This is to avoid large amount of work charged to all Molavenians Staff and to avoid mass replies by users just to gain points and ranks.

7.Use proper icons. If your topic has download link(s) you must use the post icon 'download' --> If not, you can use the other icons.

8. Respect the staff and their decisions. Respect other members too.

9. No site ads.

10. Use english, tagalog and bisayan words only.

Feel free in the forum. We are here to guide you.

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