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Strange Stuff in Here![Ghost Story]

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default Strange Stuff in Here![Ghost Story]

Post by sentinel on Sat 2 Apr - 14:17

[SIZE="3"]Strange Stuff in Here!

by Grace C.
(Carol Stream, IL, USA)

I don't have a picture, but I have a heck of a story. Well, I live in Carol Stream, Illinois. I can't explain the feeling, but I wish it were a dream. . .

I was home alone and there was a storm. I was watching TV as normal, and there was a big crack of lightning which struck the power lines. They started glowing purple! We live behind a field that I heard a man was killed in, which I didn't believe, until this. The power went out, and it happened. I looked outside and saw something running outside in the field. I figured it was the coyotes that live out there, but I thought wrong.

The moving disappeared. All of a sudden, there was a gust of wind and I felt another presence in the house with me. From the other room I heard a noise, like a butcher knife hitting the floor. Then, I heard a scream and a gasp, and then nothing. I was so freaked out, I sat in the corner huddled under the covers. There was another gust of wind and I saw something in our backyard, running out, holding something dripping. It wasn't clear and it looked like a wisp of air. The power came back on and my parents pulled into the driveway, along with my sister. They walked in, turned on a light, and saw me as white as a sheet covered in blankets. They calmed me down and I told them what happened. They didn't believe me until they saw it.
The kitchen drawer was open, our good knife was missing and, this is weird, there was a huge stain of blood, fresh, on the floor. All of a sudden the radio came on by itself and it was very faint, but I heard something say, "YOU'RE NEXT!!"

Thats all I can say of what happened. So far, I've been okay. But I keep feeling like someone's watching me....

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default Re: Strange Stuff in Here![Ghost Story]

Post by vinz_3rdz on Tue 5 Apr - 9:42

wow. . .nice story. . . .hehehehe. . Gusto ko rin mangyanri sa akin to. . . Hehehe :lol::

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default Re: Strange Stuff in Here![Ghost Story]

Post by kulit on Tue 5 Apr - 13:54

kurata yue

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default Re: Strange Stuff in Here![Ghost Story]

Post by gostfuker on Wed 6 Apr - 5:51

hehe! pagsulay ranah frwnd

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default Re: Strange Stuff in Here![Ghost Story]

Post by Sponsored content

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